Wednesday 29 May 2024

How to Fix Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing!

In the context of Teams Meetings, a recurring concern has been the perceived jerky video quality when sharing content via screen sharing. However, there’s good news: Microsoft recently rolled out an update to the Teams client in May 2024. This update introduces an optimization specifically designed for video playback during screen sharing.

Typically, screen sharing in Microsoft Teams prioritizes a low frame rate, assuming that users primarily display static slides or non-moving content. Consequently, the default frame rate hovers around 2-3 frames per second, which suffices for most slide presentations.

The new screenshare optimization feature addresses this limitation by dynamically increasing the frame rate during screen sharing. Specifically, it boosts the frame rate to a smooth 30 frames per second, ensuring a more fluid and seamless experience for meeting participants.

This enhancement should significantly improve the video playback quality during screen sharing sessions, enhancing the overall collaboration experience in Teams Meetings.

Here's a video I put together to show the new feature:

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